Operation Holiday Hearts

The holidays can be a particularly lonely time of the year for seniors. The Heart of Ida delivers hope and joy throughout the season via the Operation Holiday Hearts program.

Through sponsorship, donations, and Amazon Wish List contributions, The Heart of Ida collects new and personal hygiene items and package them into festive holiday gift bags, capped with handmade holiday cards created by local school children.

The gifts, often the only seniors will receive, are distributed by Heart of Ida volunteers, providing not only much needed personal care items but desperately needed personal contact as well.

Who is ida?

Ida was a beloved grandmother that passed away in 1991. Her full name was Alice Ida Reich. She was a community activist that spent the majority of her time here on earth helping those in need.

Ida took her two granddaughters, Dina and Keri, with her every year to deliver gifts to nursing homes. Those visits changed their lives. In honor of their late grandmother Ida, they started a nonprofit to help older adults remain independant and healthy.

Join us in supporting Operation Holiday Hearts. For the months of November + December, You + Pio will be donating 5% of purchases made online and in-store to Operation Holiday Hearts.

Feel like donating more?

You can also make a direct donation to Operation Holiday Hearts by clicking the link below. Shop youandpioclothing.com November through December for amazing fashion while donating to a good cause.