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We are reaching out to writers who are passionate and wants to share their thoughts and ideas with our target market.

Our blogs are separated into categories:

  • fashion
  • beauty/skin care
  • pets
  • women empowerment
  • community

Here are the Guidelines:

  • Send as email to ""
  • Subject:Guest Post Submission
  • Start by pitching topics related to the categories above. We will respond to our chosen topic.
  • Make sure to look at our blogs to avoid repetition
  • Once the topic is approved. Write away with guidelines in mind:
  • 700-1000 words
  • One royalty free image
  • Author bio
  • 1-2 links of your choice -make sure it's relevant, no affiliates, gambling, adult, and other bad stuff.
  • You can thank us by doing the following: accept guest posts to your blog or link us to one of our articles.
  • Rest Assured, your article will be promoted