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What can we learn from Kate Spade?

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What can we learn from Kate Spade?

Esther Pio   //   
What can we learn from Kate Spade?

An outfit worn on any occasion will not be complete without a beautiful handbag. Kate Spade spent years of her life coming up with handbag designs that women adored because she knew who her market is. Her designs captured the hearts of various age groups – teenagers, young professionals, mothers, and even the seniors. What is so distinct about her style is that she made use of vibrant colours that are very modern, without looking tacky. Her creations indeed uplifted the spirit of women who carry it. The designs are vibrant and playful that you feel good to be seen with it. Not only was she able to empower women thru her creations but her own story is an epitome of women empowerment. She has indeed lived a colourful life and may we be reminded of this each time we see a Kate Spade handbag. Here are some of Kate Spade’s inspiring moments that we can relive.


She Took Risks, Even if It Terrified Her


 Kate Spade did not immediately decide that she wanted to become a designer. She spent five years as a senior fashion editor in New York. It might come as a shock for anyone close to her when she decided to quit a fabulous career and jump into the unknown. Admittedly, Kate was terrified about starting her own line of leather goods. She initially didn’t want to gamble as she could lose not only her established career but also money. No matter how terrified she was when she started, she eventually took the risk. She was not afraid to admit that she was doubtful and terrified on the onset but she believed in herself and in her talent. Her risk eventually paid off and she and her husband were able to develop a billion dollar brand. The brand soon expanded and created various accessories, clothing, shoes, perfumes, and so much more.


 She Was Willing to Walk Away From Everything - for Family


 Despite all the success, Kate Spade sold the brand and her shares around a decade ago. The reason for this is that she and her husband wanted to spend time as a family, mainly with their daughter. Perhaps she was not able to spend much time with the motherhood role as she was running an empire. Money and fame came with Kate’s success but she was not hesitant to turn back if it means spending quality time with family. The family is the most important thing for her and her husband and it is commendable for someone to give up everything and to embrace motherhood duties.


She Was Not Afraid to Try Again


Kate spent quality time with her daughter when she relinquished ownership with the company and it was not until 2016 that she decided that she wants to start a brand again. Her passion did not die down despite the years of hiatus. This just goes to show that it is not too late for anyone to try their hand again with something they are extremely passionate about. The development of her new brand, Frances Valentine is such an inspiring example that despite being a mom or in your 50s, it is never too late to succeed in your passion project.



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