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Tips on Running with your Dog

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Tips on Running with your Dog

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Tips on Running with your Dog

Running is one of the best cardio exercises anybody can quickly get into, regardless of age. Running is smooth, burns a lot of calories, and gives an overall wonderful feeling right after. Another great thing about running is you can get exercise without needing to spend a single cent on a gym membership or workout classes. All you need to do is wear your workout clothes, slip on your running shoes and off you go. However, the best thing about running is it doesn’t get boring, especially if you have a beautiful running trail near you. Running around your neighbourhood can also be fun as well, but just in case you feel the need to get extra motivation, you can bring your dog with you when you exercise. You can give your body and your dog, the exercise it needs. If you think running with your dog is a good idea, here are some tips for you to remember, especially if you will be running with your pet for the very first time. 

Do Your Research

Before taking your dog with you on your next run, you need to make sure that you do your research to know the basic questions 1) How far can my dog run? 2) What is the usual running speed of my dog’s breed? 3) What are my dog’s limitations? 4) What kind of leash would work best with my dog? Your dog may not be able to run with your pace or with the same number of minutes or hours. Make sure you know everything about your dog’s breed especially its stamina and cardio endurance.

Wear Comfortable Outfit and Footwear

In the running, make sure you wear a good pair of shorts or running pants and a shirt that will make you move comfortably. There are a lot of online shops like You+Pio that offers clothing that can be perfect for running. Aside from clothes, another crucial factor to consider is footwear. There are so many running shoes out there in the market, and a pricey one can be worth the investment. You can pick an expensive pair of running shoes if it can provide comfort when you run for miles. Choose a pair of running shoes that are light and durable.

Bring Lots of Water

Since running is a cardio activity, expect to sweat a lot. Aside from needing to hydrate during your running break, you also have to consider your dogs’ needs. Just like you, your dog needs to have a water break so bring enough water for two. It is easy to stop over at any restaurant or fountain if you need a refill. Just don’t forget to pack along your drinking bottle and a small collapsible bowl for your dog.

Mind the Poop  

Do not forget that there is an excellent chance that your dog will poop when you bring him out. You must have a plan when your dog suddenly decides to poop during one of your running breaks. It is best to bring with you a poop bag at all times so you can quickly clean and dispose of the waste properly, the moment he decides to go.


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