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Must haves in your beauty bag according to your Derma

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Must haves in your beauty bag according to your Derma

Esther Pio   //   
Must haves in your beauty bag according to your Derma

Your best friend just asked you to meet her and your close friends at the mall, and after picking the perfect summer dress and sunglasses, you suddenly realized that your cute handbag is the only thing that would match your gorgeous outfit. Since you need to adjust to a small bag, you would have to carry just the essential stuff in there. Your mobile phone would be the most important thing to bring, how can you update your followers on your summer afternoon without it right? You would have to empty out your beauty bag and leave just the must-haves if you want it to fit inside your handbag. If you were to ask your dermatologist what are the beauty must-haves that you should always carry if you're going to ensure your face and skin would be on its perfect condition, he/she would suggest a few items below.


Facial Wash

Keep a small tube of your favourite facial wash so you can cleanse your face anytime, anywhere. It is so easy for your face to accumulate oil and dirt, especially with today’s pollution so it is handy that you can freshen up especially when you’re out of the house for many hours. Pick a wash that will exfoliate dirt and dead skin. Remember, a good facial wash recommended by your friend will not necessarily be the perfect one for you since you two can have different skin types. Try several brands of facial wash until you find the one that is perfect for your skin.




Your facial wash and a moisturizer should always go hand and hand. Exposing your face in so many elements can strip your face off its moisture. Dry skin can result in many skin problems such as acne and wrinkles. Whenever you are outside, it is critical to keep your skin, particularly your face moisturized. Whenever you wash and exfoliate your face, do not forget to apply moisturizer to keep skin healthy and hydrated. Choose a moisturizer that is light to avoid flaking. Pick something best suited for your skin type so you will not end up clogging your pores.




If you think that sunscreen is needed when you go out of the house, then you are mistaken. Even if you do not go out of the house, it is necessary to wear SPF. You might think that it is safe to skip the sunscreen since its cloudy or rainy outside, but you should not underestimate the damage that the sun can do to your skin. The sun rays can cause wrinkles and aging so even if you are still young; you need to take care of your skin as early as now to avoid the damaging long-term effects.


Eye Cream

Dermatologists would include eye creams for your beauty bag. The eyes usually reveal a person’s age so you would want to keep your eyes always looking young and fresh. You can avoid having eye wrinkles or dark circles if you apply eye cream in your everyday regimen. The eyes and the surrounding skin can develop lines that start in your 20s. It is recommended to give proper daily care to it as early as possible.


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