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Important Things You Can Learn from Meghan Markle (aka Duchess of Sussexx)

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Important Things You Can Learn from Meghan Markle (aka Duchess of Sussexx)

Esther Pio   //   
Important Things You Can Learn from Meghan Markle (aka Duchess of Sussexx)

A few weeks ago, millions of people were glued to the television to witness the royal wedding, a real-life fairy tale of an American actress who married the most eligible bachelor of the British Monarchy. Growing up, girls all over the world imagine themselves marrying the good-looking yet quite a rebellious Prince Harry and becoming a real-life princess. When news surfaced about his engagement with Suits actress Meghan Markle, a lot were intrigued and insanely jealous – what is it about this girl that set her apart from everyone else? Not everyone watches Suits, and since Meghan was not considered an A-list actress, the first few things that people learned about her is that 1) She’s a divorcee and 2) She’s older than Prince Harry and 3) They only dated for a few months before getting engaged. Soon, the media picked up on stories about her strong character and intelligence and the world suddenly found themselves falling in love with her as well. Meghan Markle’s journey before becoming a modern-day princess is so inspiring that there are a few things we can learn about her.


Hard work and Persistence Will Take You Places


Meghan was not born rich her parents divorced when she was just a little girl, and her mom was left to raise her all by herself. Before landing her most significant break with Suits, she would stand for hours as a briefcase girl in the show Deal or No Deal. She did this so she can go through college and pay her bills. She was rejected many times for roles because of her interracial features. These circumstances did not stand in the way of her achieving what she wanted to do – become an actress. She made a name for herself through grit and persistence, something that the royal family admires most about her.


You can be an Actress or a Princess - or Just an Ordinary Woman with a Heart for Others


Meghan has a gorgeous face but what captured the heart of the Prince is the goodness of her heart, which reminded him of his mother, Princess Diana. Meghan Markle already touched so many lives before inclusion to the British monarch. The moment she made a name for herself in Hollywood, she used her fame and fortune to help those she can. Not a lot of Hollywood stars would take time out of their busy schedule to visit poor places in Africa or to meet up with young women who were forced to quit school. Years before meeting Harry, Meghan has been partnering with World Vision and visiting poor villages to provide clean water and to empower young women. Meghan had years of experience in humanitarian work and as an activist who fought for women’s rights.


You Can Be Different (Good Different)


Before she became part of the Royal Family, people were predicting that her inclusion in the monarch will bring about change. In the events leading to the wedding, Meaghan is a new brand of royalty – one who does not mind if she doesn’t wear pantyhose or casual clothes to Royal events or if she is outspoken about politics. Her wedding was a testament to how she will bring about change as the ceremony we witnessed was unlike any we’ve seen before in the institution’s history. Meghan does not mind if Meghan does not fit into the ideal princess norm, the new Duchess is confident about being herself because she knows that she is so much more. She is a woman of substance and character and is not afraid to just be herself despite all the public scrutiny.




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