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How teens can help the community

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How teens can help the community

Esther Pio   //   
How teens can help the community

Adults usually equate a teenager these days as someone who spends too much time chatting online, posting on social media, or doing selfies. They think all teenagers care about is what outfit to wear, which mall to go shopping or where to hang out with friends next. If you are in your teens and you hear about these things, you’d probably say “hell no, I am so much more than that!” Do not let these misconceptions bother you especially if you know that you can do so much more. The involvement of today’s youth in the community is vital and essential. You would be surprised at how huge your impact could be if you decide to involve yourself in the city. If you have no idea how to do it, the list below can guide you. 

Volunteer Your Time and Talent

            Time is the most important thing you can contribute to your community. Spending a few hours each week for the benefit of the community will already make a difference. If there is a fundraising event organized by the members, you can volunteer as logistics for the day itself or help with the set-up. If you are artistically talented, offer your assistance in creating the banners or posters to help promote the event. There is so much you can do if you are willing to make time. To inspire you to volunteer frequently, encourage your friends to join you each time to make volunteering even more fun.     

Get a summer or a Weekend Job that Creates Impact

            If you need to get a summer job or a weekend job, consciously try to pick something that you know will create impact. In signing up for a job, you can try to set your eyes on something that will allow you to interact and spend time with the community. For instance, my nephew, Justin works at the local YMCA teaching swimming lessons to children and the elderly during the summer season. He gets to earn money with this job, and at the same time, he gets involved with the members of the community. It will allow him to get to know families in the community and impart to them something that he likes to share.

Promote Using Social Media

            Who says social media is all bad? You are social media savvy, and you should use this to your advantage. Different social media platforms will come in handy, especially if you are to use this for a good cause. Events created by the community like fundraising, food sale and concerts can be more successful if promoted well and a lot of people are informed about these events. If the community needs to support upcoming events, volunteer to be the social media manager and create event invites for your members. If you do not have a group yet, take time to create a Facebook group that will allow members to interact and update each other regularly. You can also create chat groups where everyone can receive messages and will make communicating easier.



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