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Frida Kahlo: Great Woman of Color

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Frida Kahlo: Great Woman of Color

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Frida Kahlo: Great Woman of Color

If you haven’t heard the name Frida Kahlo, you’d be surprised that you may have seen her marvellous works of art (portraits of a woman with bushy eyebrows) but have no idea that she is the famous woman behind them. Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous Mexican artists, known best for her self-portraits. Kahlo is quoted saying that the reason why she would make self-portraits is that most of the time, she felt alone. On most days, Frida experience isolation. It inspired her to become the model of her artistic works. Her life is so unique and exciting that there are so many things we can learn from this great woman of substance.  

She Redefined the Usual Standards of Beauty

If you look closely at Frida Kahlo’s works of art or if you google her name, you would know that her self-portraits are not the usual look or painting of a beautiful woman. Her portraits show an unsmiling woman with very thick, misshapen monobrow. In modern times, female beauty standards are indeed the opposite of how Kahlo portrayed herself. Today, confident women wear clothes as a way of expressing themselves and feeling confident about their bodies. Kahlo, on the other hand, did not even bother dressing up for anyone. She was a rebellious artist in a patriarchal society, and she ignored comments that her paintings are not good enough. Also though her portraits are not conventionally attractive, the message it brings, the hidden interpretation, as well as the effect it had on those who lay their eyes on it for the first time is what made her paintings remarkable. People would stop to wonder what she was thinking in the portraits and the story behind the woman with the bushy eyebrows. 

No Hardship is Too Difficult

Kahlo lived a tough life. She suffered from polio when she was a little girl, and she was in and out of the hospital. To add to this painful period of her life, she got into an accident when she was 18. The result after this horrific accident was even more devastating as she needed to wear a corset that can support her spine for life. Add to these are the challenges of her marriage with her husband Diego who cheated on her again and again. Despite all these significant setbacks, Kahlo remained optimistic and diverted all pain and suffering thru her works of art. She was flawed, but that was what made her beautiful and healthy. She was quoted in saying that she may be broke (physically and emotionally), but she still can paint. Her talent and her artistry transcended all the trials in her life, and she did not let these hardships define her.

She Lived a Bright Life

Even if Kahlo’s life was filled with difficulties and darkness, she did not let her it influence the beauty of her creations. Her paintings are lively, colourful and vibrant. She changed others by inspiring them to live an eventful life and to rise above the challenges that life can bring. She is someone who was able to fight back despite the pain in her life, truly an inspiration to many even in the years after her death


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