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Fashion Pieces you can Reinvent for Fall and Winter

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Fashion Pieces you can Reinvent for Fall and Winter

Esther Pio   //   
Fashion Pieces you can Reinvent for Fall and Winter

Fashion is life but sometimes, it is so difficult to always keep up with the latest fashion trends because new fads are limitless, but your budget isn’t. It is tempting to buy a new set of clothes each season, but this is just too impractical. The only way to make sure that you get your money’s worth each time you go clothes hunting is when you can invest in pieces that you can quickly wear from one season to the next.


If you are a teenager, it is always great if you can prove to your parents that the next item of clothing never goes out of style. If you are a mom, you do not feel guilty about purchasing the top you’ve been eyeing for so long because one, you deserve it and two, you pick the ones that will last you ages. If you need a little push, you can check the tips below on how fashion pieces can be used month after month, despite changing seasons.


Shop at You+Pio today and do not hesitate to go thru the summer collection and pick something you like in there. Even if summer is long gone, there are so many ways to reinvent your clothing so you can wear them for fall and winter. Talk about value for money because you can wear it all year long!


T-shirt / V-neck Shirt

You+Pio’s DAILY LOOK Womens Tshirt and THE HOMIE V-neck Shirt


A t-shirt is a must in every closet because let’s face it; it is the most comfortable, most versatile, and a no-brainer when you are deciding what to wear for the day. You can never have too many t-shirts and what’s lovely about it is it will never go out of style. It is clothing for all seasons. You can wear it every day during the summer to always keep you fresh and breezy and then as soon as fall comes, you pair it with your plaid skirt and knee-high boots then you are good to go. Your shirt can again come in handy as soon as the cold season arrives. When you layer with sweaters and coats, you want to have your comfortable, cotton shirt pressed up against your skin. You can use this casual shirt as your first layer during winter.  


Long Sleeve Top / Shirt

You+Pio’s DANIEL VEE Long Sleeve Top and BREEZY STRIPES Long Sleeve Shirt


A long sleeve top is best with a cotton short skirt or high waisted shorts during the summer. You can definitely make this long sleeve top fit for fall by wearing it with a favorite fashion piece this fall – velvet jeans. To add a hint of color, wear your brightest scarf and an oversized colored bag, and you would forget that your long sleeve top was even a summer piece. The moment winter comes, use the same long sleeve top and wear a knitted shift dress over it to create layers. To keep yourself warmer, add tights, your winter boots, and a matching knitted scarf. Talk about reinventing a simple long sleeve top and looking so chic with it thru the seasons of the year.


Knit Sweater 

You+Pio’s BOHO CUDDLES Knit Sweater


Creativity is critical when you want to elevate a cropped knit sweater into a high fashion fall piece. Since leather is a fall must-have, it is easy to pair a leather skirt with your cropped knit sweater and matching knee-high leather boots. To add to this fall ensemble is a pair of colored lens and a bright handbag. You can still wear this during the winter with high waist jeans and a cardigan. Do not forget to also add your go-to winter scarf and your trusted winter leather boots. For freezing days, you can match it with your trench coat or your favorite parka.




You+Pio’s TULIP SUIT Bodysuit and BLESSED Bodysuit


There is no need to say goodbye to a bodysuit as soon as the hot season ends. It is a versatile piece that can be worn stylishly during fall. For autumn, designers are obsessed with tailored suits. These suits are so chic and sexy that Hollywood celebrities are wearing them as alternatives to gowns and dresses on red carpet events. Your bodysuit is the perfect inner clothing with your tailored suit. Add fall accessories such as oversized earrings in the shape of leaves and large bangles to complete the look. Come winter; your bodysuit will help keep you warm by allowing you to wear multiple layers above it since it will not add to the bulky feeling. The tight, body-hugging suit is perfect to keep you cozy inside all the layers.



High waisted shorts

You+Pio’s FUEGO high waisted shorts and SAVANNAH STRIPES BOTTOM High waisted shorts


Your high waisted shorts can still be your favorite clothing piece even if summer is long gone. For fall, all you need to match with your shorts is a bright pair of tights, a floral jacket, and white boots or sneakers. You will surely look like you’ve walked right out of a fall runway with this getup. For your tights, pick the fall colors for the season – pink, poppy red or violet. The get up with shorts for fall season can also be applied during the winter season. However, you need to make a couple of modifications like for one; you need to wear warmer knitted tights for walking outside in cold temperatures. Replace your casual boots into your winter boots with the addition of leg warmers. Complete your look with your thick faux fur jacket and a scarf.



Jean skirts / Denim skirt

You+Pio’s MIDI-LICIOUS Jean Skirt and GROOVY J Denim Skirt


Look stunning in a denim skirt regardless of which season you’re going to wear it. It is a powerful wardrobe arsenal during the summer, but it can create a stunning power look this fall with this killer combination. Wear your jean skirt with a power blazer, sheer tights, and over the knee boots. To complete the fall vibes, accessorize with an animal print scarf or headband. Come winter time, you may want to wear your denim skirt, but of course, the goal is to help you look fashionable and yet warm. An excellent match for your denim skirt for cold days is a collared blouse and topped with an oversized sweater. When it’s not so cold outside, you can opt for a vest instead of a sweater. If you need your legs to be warmer, wear leggings and your ankle boots.



Girlfriend jeans

You+Pio’s PERFECT GF Girlfriend Jeans


Don’t you want to slip into your favorite girlfriend jeans all day every day? It is just amazing - it hugs you in the right places, and it flatters your body curves without being uncomfortable. If this is your favorite summer outfit, buying several pairs is just worth it since you can wear it anytime during fall and winter months. Wear a zebra print top with your girlfriend jeans since everyone is wearing animal prints this fall. Match your look with metallic silver accessories as suggested by fashion designers and a pair of kitten heels. The sky is the limit come winter when you have the perfect pair of girlfriend jeans. Make heads turn even if all you want to do is to keep yourself warm. Wear a stylish long coat and a matching winter hat. If you want a touch of vibrant color in the cold winter days, wear your bright yellow or red boots. You can match anything with your girlfriend jeans.



Cropped denim jacket

You+Pio’s BAD GIRL Cropped Denim Jacket


Leave your friends in awe at how well you can utilize a cropped denim jacket and create a whole new fashionable look with each changing season. A cropped denim jacket during the summer is so casually stylish when worn with denim cutoff shorts and strappy sandals. If you think it’s a challenge to wear it during fall, here are a couple of ideas. One is to wear it together with romper pants, heels, and a bright colored scarf. Another is to casually wear it along with an A-line skirt and ankle booties. To be in touch with the fall fashion trends, make sure to carry an oversized bag with you anywhere you go. For winter, use your cropped denim jacket as part of your several layers. You can wear a warmer and t-shirt underneath your denim jacket. You can wear another coat on top of your denim jacket to ensure warmth. Any pair of pants or tights can be perfect with this look.



Summer Dress

You+Pio’s TGIF red dress and PAPRIKA TWIST tube dress


Feel more confident than ever when you wear your summer dress during fall and winter. Your red dresses are best worn this fall as bright red dresses are the best bets of fashion designers for autumn. Your casual dresses reached new heights with just the right fall accessories. Bangles are in now, especially the big, silver, metallic ones. To keep up with this year’s fall fashion, you can also add anything flowy and metallic to your ensembles like a silver scarf or a silver clutch bag. You can even match your red dress with silver kitten heels or sparkly silver sneakers. As soon as winter comes, you can start wearing an oversized cardigan over your dress then use a belt and knit tights for a chic transformation. Do not forget to wear high boots to keep your legs warm. For freezing days, layer your dress with a hoodie and your warmest scarf and winter boots. This look is casual and cute and will still keep you snug. A black overcoat will also look great with your casual summer dress.


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