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Fall Fashion Colors Inspired by Hollywood Celebrities

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Fall Fashion Colors Inspired by Hollywood Celebrities

Esther Pio   //   
Fall Fashion Colors Inspired by Hollywood Celebrities

When it comes to fashion and style, where else can we draw inspiration from but from the best of the best, the Hollywood A-listers? The red carpet events become more of fashion shows rather than awards shows at times because everyone looks forward to who the celebrities are wearing.   

Top fashion designers also draw inspiration from the biggest TV and movie stars whenever they come up with the season’s fashion line. This fall, they are heavy on different shades of pink and poppy red. Of course, orange will always be a fall color as well. Moreover, designers are also banking on sparkling, metallic and bright this fall season.

Here are some celebrities who have inspired fashion colors of this fall – some who played iconic characters and movies and some who were just seen wearing these colors in recent events. Check out these looks and see how easy it is to recreate these yourself. You can also browse thru You+Pio’s impressive collection and find out how you can even step up your A-game with their beautiful and chic pieces this fall.


Reese Witherspoon aka Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

Who can ever forget the queen of pink herself – Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde? The character is just so iconic that this 2018, more than 15 years after the movie’s first release, we can still associate Reese Witherspoon with the bright and bubbly character who wears pink from head to toe. This fall, channel your inner Elle Woods as she is the peg of designers for the year. Her giant bright pink bag, her pink leather formal and casual wear, colorful tights and her colored lenses are absolute fall must-haves. Go on and wear anything and everything that will remind you of Elle – from pink boots, pink hair accessories and even pink makeup. The more girly – the better!

Victoria Beckham

It is quite rare for Posh Spice, one of the most notable style icons in this day and age to be seen in colors other than her usual black or dark colored outfits. So when she stepped out in this cute A-line baby pink dress, this look quickly became a top trend in the fashion world because basically, everything Victoria Beckham wears becomes a hit. No wonder everyone wants to wear pink on casual days or even on dressy occasions. What makes this look even more special is that she paired her pink dress with another pop of color, a pair of cute blue heels. This gorgeous look is something that showcases her feminine side.  

Saorise Ronan

One of Hollywood’s breakthrough stars in recent years, Saoirse Ronan, is seen wearing pink in more than one occasion. One of her more notable all pink ensemble is her outfit in the biggest red carpet event of the year, no less than the Oscars. In the recent fashion week, she was again seen donning a short black dress with baby pink trimming. Her fellow actress Laura Dern was also seen wearing a black top and black pants combination, highlighted by a pink coat and pink heels.  These women are not only top stars when it comes to the big screen, but they also know how to rock the light color in the red carpet.

Gemma Chan

The power suit is becoming a Hollywood favorite in the recent months, with the likes of Blake Lively wearing this so often that it’s slowly becoming her trademark. It combines power and style so perfectly that not everyone has the guts to carry an outfit like this. Gemma Chan is recently seen in a pantsuit, and she is every bit as fashionable as her character Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians. This all pink pantsuit is understated elegance and the choice of color play on her strong but fun and ladylike side. She completed the look with a pastel handbag and silver, sparkly shoes – another must have this season of fall.



There is no question that JLo is one of the biggest names not only in the music industry but Hollywood as well. Designers are dying for her to wear their labels because of her rocking body and sense of style. All eyes are on her even if she is out just for a usual caffeine fix. She is recently seen stepping out from a coffee shop wearing the hue this fall - pink lenses, a pink cropped sweater, and pink leggings with graphic print. This look may seem like an ordinary outfit to anyone, but with JLo, this instantly becomes a trendy casual fashion style. The way she carries this ensemble is just plain sexy and not to mention, effortless.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians are today’s biggest influencers, and when they endorse something or are seen wearing an item of clothing, it immediately becomes part of next season’s favorite styles and colors. Gone are the days wherein tight bodysuits are all black, they also look equally impressive in pink. Kim Kardashian was spotted with an extraordinarily tight and sexy pink ensemble, and everyone loved it. She is seen wearing different shades of pink on several occasions this year. If the Kardashians are wearing it, then it means everyone would want to keep up with this trend too. Good thing this fall welcomes every shade of pink


Gigi Hadid

One of the most famous models and trendsetters of this generation is 1/2 of the Hadid sisters - Gigi. Her beautiful face, modeling prowess, and classy personality makes her top choice as ambassador in so many worldwide brands. Who says wearing all red is tacky? Just look at how Gigi can pull off an all red ensemble without any fuss. She’s was seen wearing a long red sheer jacket by Tommy Hilfiger, red pants and top by Longshaw Ward and statement red boots to complete the look. Her gorgeous purse in fuschia was also able to compliment the outfit, as well as her laid-back hair and “barely there” makeup.  

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is just so stunning and confident, most especially in red carpet events and fashion shows. She ultimately defines “girl power” these days, onscreen as Wonderwoman or in ordinary days as Gal. The confident and seductive appeal is her choice of color in the gown she wore for a Vanity Fair event. She was spotted wearing a red, shimmering strapless dress with a high slit. The neckline is drop dead gorgeous and is also a statement on its own. To elevate this gown, even more, is strappy heels in red metallic color. This look is something that would be difficult to forget.

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo may not be a movie star or a supermodel, but she is a queen of the universe. USA’s Ms. Universe winner after years of drought in the pageant has become a big name in Hollywood in recent years. This style icon just loves the color red as she is spotted quite a few times wearing the color in night outs with friends or dates. She is looking hot in red – here she is wearing an off-shoulder top, high waist jeans, and leather boots also in red. This casual and comfortable look is completed with a pulled back hair, oversized earrings, and hot red matching lipstick.

Bella Hadid

This look on Bella Hadid is every fall season’s dream! The plaid, the body-hugging dress is just so stylish and not to mention, one of the favorite colors of the season that mimics leaves and trees everywhere. The length of the dress gives so much emphasis on the supermodel’s long and toned legs. What is so great about this outfit is that she was able to match the red and beige colored dress with beige slightly above the ankle socks and red suede shoes.  The half ponytail and the loose curls add more vintage vibes to the look.


Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is known as the most stylish among the Kardashian brood and one of the most bankable endorsers today. She is so in demand in every fashion week and headlines catwalks worldwide. The moment she wears something, you’ll know that women will follow suit. In one of her many events, she was captured wearing a stunning long-sleeved orange metallic dress with frills that fall stylishly way above her knees. She paired Nicolas Jebran dress with see-through heels to give her legs a more elongated look. The color orange compliments her skin tone so well.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has bagged so many acting awards, but she sure deserves another one for her classy taste in fashion. One of her most brilliant looks in the recent months is when she stepped out in orange from head to toe. This look reminds us that it is autumn outside. She was seen wearing a bright orange midi skirt with cute pockets in front, a stylish top with orange accents, and an adorable orange kitten heels. This is a great outfit when you are going to a date night or a classy, semi-formal event. 

Chrissy Teigen

You always want to be seen in gatherings with a remarkable man in your arms (in this case, John Legend) but in the case of Chrissy Teigen, people want to look at her because of what she’s wearing. This stunning Mama is always a vision in events with her fun personality and her beautiful outfits. She was spotted wearing a long orange dress with matching clutch and a statement belt, and everyone just thought that she and John are the most beautiful couple on site. She completed the look with messy curls and light makeup.


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