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Easy Ways You Can Be Part of Your Community Today

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Easy Ways You Can Be Part of Your Community Today

Esther Pio   //   
Easy Ways You Can Be Part of Your Community Today

It is always wonderful to give back, knowing that there are a lot of people who are less fortunate than you. Being part of the community and giving back is easy but the big question now is how. There are no advertisements posted about ways in which you can be part of the city, so people are usually clueless about it. If you are one of those people who wish to spend time giving back and being part of the community, there are several ways to do it without having to pay so much money or so many hours of your time. In your little way, you can already be part of your community starting today.  

Volunteer Your Skills

You don’t have to be a professional to volunteer your skills to your community. What you can do is you can assess your skills and see what the things you are good at a – heck it is impossible for you not to be good at anything. Let’s say you are the chef of the house and cooking is your passion, you can volunteer every weekend at the local soup kitchen. You can also join in a fundraising food fair, selling your best dish or pastries. If you are a good student and teaching is your passion, you can spend your mornings every weekend tutoring kids. You can even teach singing and dancing to the kids if you can!

Support Small Businesses 

They say it is always best to support local and small businesses rather than the big names or corporations. Instead of buying soap from the multinational corporations, why don’t you purchase some of your neighbour’s homemade soap, sold at the local bazaar? You can check out what the single moms in your community are selling to help support their families. These simple purchases can spell the difference in these small businesses and to their owners.

Invite and Encourage Your Friends to Join You

It is easier (and a lot more fun!) to give back to the community if you have your close friends with you. A support group is sharing the same passion as you is also important to inspire your friends to offer their time as well. Instead of hanging out this Friday night at a local bar, why don’t you invite your gang to spend the evening organising a yard sale for charity? Squeeze your creative juices and think of other events you can hold with the proceeds going to your community’s scholars.

Use the Power of Social Media

What better way to disseminate information than social media. These new platforms are there to connect us with our friends and of course, our community. You can be the community’s social media manager by creating groups and adding the members. You can help keep everyone informed and the page up to date. It would be a breeze to notify members of upcoming events with just a simple social media post from your phone. Plus factor also is that the use of these platforms is free! You can also use the social media to invite more members to be active and volunteer with you. Social media can help beef up the number of community volunteers, and it can also create a network who can become your friends. Don't forget to brighten up your outfit with colourful jumpsuits and rompers.



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