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Choosing A Little Girl’s Best Friend: The Top 5 Perfect Dog Breeds

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Choosing A Little Girl’s Best Friend: The Top 5 Perfect Dog Breeds

Esther Pio   //   
Choosing A Little Girl’s Best Friend: The Top 5 Perfect Dog Breeds

Has your daughter been begging you to get her a puppy? Almost all families with children have pets as part of their loving home. Choosing a dog for your little girl is a significant decision that would need careful evaluation. You would want a dog breed that would be playful but not so big, a kind of dog that is friendly and easy to maintain. This dog would be part of your family for so many years so you should make sure you choose what is best for our home. Below is a short list of the top 5 dog breeds and any of these would be perfect your little girl or carefree teens. You take her on a trip to the pet store and see what she likes best.


Labrador Retriever


The Labrador Retriever is one of the sweetest dog breeds in the world. They can grow quite big, but they are still the cuddliest. They are energetic so you would need a few minutes each day to walk them. The Labrador would be fun to bring with the kids to the park each morning. You can already picture your daughter hugging this sweet dog, who would be an instant best friend to her and our whole family.




The pug’s wrinkly face makes it the most distinguishable dog out there. This dog with the cutest face is often known as a lazy breed, but a lot would completely disagree. Just like humans, pugs want to cuddle, eat and sleep all the time. The pug can be a perfect companion for your daughter each time she’ll binge watch her favorite TV shows or read her books. Pugs like to play as well so it would be fun to play some catch with it in our backyard.




Owners who have poodles would tell you that they take their dogs out for grooming as often as they visit the salon. Your daughter would adore the poodle because of its fluffy coat. Your little girl would be spending hours brushing the dog’s hair, and even giving it a different hairdo every once in a while. The downside, however, is that poodles would need regular baths to keep the coat smelling fresh and clean all the time.


Yorkshire Terrier


What’s not to like about the unbelievably cute and sociable Yorkie? You can take one look at it and fall incredibly in love with this breed. They are known to be an intelligent breed and extremely playful. This breed will go well with your daughter’s unstoppable energy. It is also straightforward to teach your Yorkie new tricks.




One reason why families pick the beagle is that they are easy to take care. Beagles are low maintenance; their fur is short and very easy to clean. They are fiercely loyal, and they need just the right amount of playtime. They have a fantastic ball of energy that I’m sure; your daughter would love. Another plus factor is that beagles grow into just the right size for little kids, not too big and not too small.



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