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7 easy ways to organize your closet for fall season

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7 easy ways to organize your closet for fall season

Esther Pio   //   
7 easy ways to organize your closet for fall season

If you feel like your life is a whole big mess right now, feel a lot better when you can find ways to organize it one day a time, starting with your home. Now the question is where to begin? A great start will be arranging your room – particularly your closet. It is a start of the new season, so now is the perfect time to organize your wardrobe in time for fall. It is almost sure that you will be able to find so many clothes that have long been forgotten that you can still recycle and use. It would also be a great idea if you can say goodbye to items that you no longer need.


Cleaning your closet is one step closer to having a tidier home and a more organized life. Just looking at your wardrobe now can be discouraging so you must know how and where to start. If you need a significant help or a push, you can refer to the list below for easy ways on how you can organize your closet to make way for your new items for fall. For the latest fall fashionwear, you can check you+pio and browse thru the awesome lookbooks and beautiful fall pieces that would be perfect for you. Make sure you have enough closet space for new items because for sure, you will love what you+pio has to offer.  


Check What’s In


Before starting a major closet overhaul, you need first do your research. For the incoming season, read up on the recommended fashion pieces by designers. Check the current trends on the runway shows and search online on the colors of the season. Look at what celebrities are wearing at the red carpet and special events. Look at their accessories – from earrings to belts to shoes. When you have an idea of the latest trends, and you have ensembles in mind, you will know how to sort your closet. You can decide what items you need and keep and what you can store or give away.


Fashion trends come and go so you may have an item from several years back that is making a comeback this year so go ahead and read up on those. Sort thru your clothes and do not forget to keep the basics that almost never goes out of style like denim pants, t-shirts and leather.


Do a Closet Purge


Closet organizing is not something to be taken lightly. You need to a lot a couple of hours, maybe a half day to do be thorough. When doing this, invite your best friend and turn a chore into a fun bonding activity. Tell your friend to be perfectly honest about your clothing pieces and to be all out in her opinions. When you do a closet purge, prepare several boxes or bags on hand where you can separate the items. Lay your pieces on top of your bed or your clean floor when you take them out so you can examine them quickly.


This might sound daunting, but it is necessary to remove all items in your closet – literally everything so you can start from scratch. Remove all clothing, hangers, boxes, baskets, and bins. In sorting thru every item, ask yourself if it is something you see yourself still wearing. You can try them on and ask your friend if it is a yay or a nay. Your smartphone will come in handy as you assess and take photos while fitting. It would be best to have a full-length mirror with you during the time of the purge to also help you in your decisions. For sure, you would have plenty of “what was I thinking?!” moments as you go thru your stuff.





Clean, Donate and Sell


As mentioned earlier, you need to have several boxes ready when you do a closet purging. Bring some label makers along with you so you can adequately segregate your stuff. Go ahead and prepare at least 3 of these boxes marked as keep, donate and sell. When sorting thru your clothes, keep the ones that are in season for fall and the items that you can utilize all year long. If some of your clothes need washing, put them in the keep box and have them laundered before settling back in your closet.


Separate the items that no longer fit you or you feel that you will no longer be wearing in the future. These are the items usually found at the bottom or the back part amongst your pile of clothes. With each piece of clothing, you can always ask yourself if you’ve worn it for the past year. If the answer is no, then put it in your “getting rid of these” box. You can further segregate these items into two piles – some that you can donate in local shelters and some you can sell. Host a local garage sale for your pre-loved clothes and accessories and use the funds for a new wardrobe.


You’ll be surprised that there are also some retail stores that encourage shoppers to “Go Green” by inviting them to bring old clothes for recycling. In exchange, stores will give you a special discount with every item you carry. You may also save some things for recycling so you can get great discounts on your next shopping trip.


You Can Never Have Too Many Duraboxes


Duraboxes will be your new best friend when it comes to organizing. If you are not familiar with these, they’re the sealable boxes made out of durable plastic material popularly used for items that need storing away. There are also clear ones that will make it easy for you to look inside. Use these boxes to keep away all your thick coats and anything that are not wearable for fall. Use these boxes to keep away shoes, clothes and, accessories. Label makers will come in handy since you want all your boxes to be properly labeled before putting them away. You don’t want to keep opening your boxes if you’re looking for something right? Be as specific and detailed as much as possible on your durabox labels.

Whats wonderful about these boxes is that they’re stackable. You can keep them stored in the highest shelves in your closet, at the bottom of your hanged clothes, empty awk,ward spaces in your room and even under your bed. Unlike paper boxes, duraboxes looks incredibly neat and organized. It will also last you for years.


Use Every Nook and Cranny


You may have a small or a big closet, but this does not matter as you can maximize what you have when you use the right tools and space saving devices. For example, the inside of your closet doors can be converted into something hardworking if you install hangers where you can hang your coats and accessories such as bags, scarf, and belt. If you have big and sturdy doors, you can utilize an over-the-door shoe rack where you can keep store some of your light sandals and flip flops.


There are also multi level hangers that allows you to save so much space in your closet. There are those sturdy hangers where you can vertically hang several pants and jeans. Handbag hooks are also great for closet walls to enable you to hang 3 or 4 bags using one hook.



Keep Everything Clean


Before putting everything back in, make sure that your whole closet is clean. It is always best to keep your closet clean, cool and dry at all times to keep items in great condition. Remove the dust and wipe every shelf with a wash cloth with a little water. You can also vacuum most especially the hard to reach places. Sweep the floors and mop everything because for sure, there is a fairly amount of thick dust that were accumulated for months. You can put in several dehumidifier tablets inside your closet to protect your shoes and bags from decay, most especially the ones made out of leather.


If it smells a little funky, do not just get an air freshener and spray it on the closet. You can do some home remedies like leaving some baking soda or charcoal in a container and leaving it inside the closet for at least two hours. After everything is squeaky clean, you can now start bringing all the items back. To keep the closet smelling great, you can leave on a closet or a room deodorizer once everything is in place.


Maintain your Organized Closet


After all the hours spent on cleaning, the biggest challenge now is how to maintain your organized closet for the coming months. Although it is nice to have a spring cleaning every new season, there will not always be a luxury of time to do it. What’s best is to maintain its cleanliness and arrangement everday.


Do not lazily stack up items after laundry, do hang them properly each time. Do not forget to keep similar items beside each other so you can see them clearly. Paants should always be with pants, blouses with blouses and so on. Hang bags and accessories neatly where you can see them in one glance. Do also a monthly replacement of your dehumidifier tabs to keep you closet cool and fresh.



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